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Meet Audrey

I am you!

Audrey Barrett is a single mother of three childre,. She is CEO and Founder of Kingdom 4U Health and Wellness is a native of the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Audrey has had similar life experiences to other city dwellers, including dropping out of high school early and becoming a single mother of three by the age of 22. Audrey decided in 2005 that it was time to return to school and get her GED after working a variety of jobs for stability, including those at BlockBuster Video, CME, the Board of Trade, Marshall Fields (Macys), a local legal company. Being reminded of the passing of her father in 2005, It was then clear to her that it was time to return to school and earn a nursing degree. By December 2011, Audrey passed her nursing exam and graduated with honors as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) while still living as a middle class citizen. 
Audrey has worked in pediatric home health since the start of her nursing career. She has provided comforting in-home care for children with a variety of health anomalies. In 2016, she was hired as an LPN at the University of Chicago Medicine after working in hospice, methadone clinics, and home care for seniors. In 2019, she decided to return to school at the Chamberlain School of Nursing to pursue a career as a registered nurse.  Barrett received promotions from LPN lead, to clinic supervisor, and practice manager while continuing to advance in her studies. Subsequently, in May of 2023, Audrey earned a bachelor's degree in nursing, after passing state exams to become a registered nurse, where she has now been promoted to as nurse manager.  It was a long road but with grit, tenacity, fortitude and God, all things were possible. 

Barrett's efforts have shifted in focus as a result of the scarcity of voices in our legislature who can empathize with those who are struggling. Crime, education, the drug crisis, and a lack of access to healthcare are the problems wreaking havoc on our communities and ones she cares deeply about. 


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